Let's talk about learning 

SchoolTalk is a cloud solution that codifies all the high impact elements of the Teaching, Learning & Assessment cycle (TLA) making learning visible for learners, teachers, parents and whanau. 

Designed and developed in conjunction with the team at Stonefields School, SchoolTalk is a cutting edge cloud platform, which helps schools implement student agency and creates efficiency for teachers, learners and parents.

Specifically the platform has been designed to help accomplish four things:

The learning tools in SchoolTalk provide scaffolding for teachers who are striving to improve their practice and be more effective as teachers. The software unifies and connects all the critical teaching practices in the Teaching, Learning and Assessment cycle that should not be left to chance. It also provides access to evidence about each child’s progress so that learning can be designed on a differentiated basis. It frees teachers from some of the more routine aspects of teaching to focus on the higher value practices of designing and delivering rich learning opportunities and observing and evaluating the efficacy of these interventions for each student. 

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