Engagement Sliders

After two years of trials and a year of evaluative research, The Te Kete Hono Team is excited to share that from March 2023 schools will be able to subscribe to our newest app: Engagement Sliders: Insights into Learning. 

 Sliders is an app that captures a learner's engagement as they reflect on their enjoyment and challenge of the learning. Teachers get instant insights into how their learners are feeling; enabling them to take action and change up their learning design to better meet the needs of their learners. Using Sliders, teachers and leaders can filter learners' results by a range of demographics, subjects and time frames. For schools that already use SchoolTalk, this provides an opportunity for teachers to correlate progress with engagement all in real time.

Te Kete Hono would like to acknowledge the involvement of the four Te Rōpu Pourewa schools (Stonefields, Kohimarama, Orakei and St Thomas) in the testing and validation of the Engagement Sliders prototypes over the last four years. This app is the result of a powerful collaboration amongst these school communities and we are grateful for their generosity in supporting our work to make the tool available to all other schools.


You can also read more about how learner engagement is the key to unlocking learning in our white paper below:  

If you are reconsidering assessment in the core curriculum areas and beyond:


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