Is PLD hitting the mark for your teachers? 

And how do you know? 

Is PLD hitting the mark for your teachers and how do you know? 

Author: Dr Jana Benson

Many schools and Kahui Ako are currently bombarded with various PLD and implementing a range of  initiatives such as the new curriculum, structured literacy, culturally responsive practice, assessment for learning, and a variety of digital tools to name a few. 

As educators we know that we should check in on the success of new learning and use feedback to inform ‘where to next’ with students - the same should be said for adult Professional Learning.  

At Te Kete Hono we are excited that our Engagement Sliders:  Insights for Learning has been able to hit the mark providing leaders/teachers with:

Engagement Sliders are an effective and efficient way to capture feedback and inform future learning.  Learners/participants reflect on their relevance and challenge of the learning.  Instant insights are provided into how they feel; enabling facilitators/leaders to take action and change up the learning design to better hit the mark.  Time is too precious for teachers not to be engaged in PLD that is offered/delivered.