Let's talk about learning 

At Te Kete Hono, we know that ensuring every learner makes progress is critical. That's why we provide a comprehensive solution for schools to make it happen. We work with schools to implement the signature practices of effective teaching that ensure progress for every learner.


SchoolTalk helps schools to track learners’ progress, identify gaps and take steps to close them, thus ensuring that every learner makes progress in their learning journey. 

Designed and developed in conjunction with the team at Stonefields School, SchoolTalk is a cutting edge cloud platform, which helps schools implement student agency and supports the consistent use of progressions across all curriculum areas and each school's graduate profile. 

With SchoolTalk, our facilitators walk alongside schools to support implementation, enabling all stakeholders to be aware of what learning looks like and providing the necessary tools to make formative assessment an integral part of the teaching and learning process.

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SchoolTalk Digital Equity Programme

Could you qualify for a full subsidy to strengthen formative assessment practice in your school, and have two years subscription to SchoolTalk?

Your school could be eligible if either:


In Partnership with Education Partnership & Innovation Trust (EPIT) we have secured philanthropic funding to support schools in communities that are challenged by a lack of digital access and skills. This programme supports schools and their whānau to utilise digital tools to enhance teaching and accelerate learning. 

Qualifying schools receive:


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We can’t wait to have you on board! 

The learning tools in SchoolTalk provide scaffolding for teachers who are striving to improve their practice and be more effective as teachers. The software provides access to evidence about each child’s progress so that learning can be designed on a differentiated basis. It frees teachers from some of the more routine aspects of teaching to focus on the higher value practices of designing and delivering rich learning opportunities and observing and evaluating the efficacy of these interventions for each student. 

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