SchoolTalk Workshops 

SchoolTalk FREE ZOOM Workshops:  Improving learning in schools 

Have you considered what codifying some elements of teaching and learning looks like? Would you like to create efficiency and effectiveness for all stakeholders in a child's learning and progress? Come and experience SchoolTalk!

Our 90 minute FREE workshop will introduce you to the SchoolTalk app, a cloud-based solution designed based on user feedback. We will explain the methodology behind SchoolTalk, how it is used to suit a range of school contexts, and how it aims to close the equity divide.

"SchoolTalk enables a seamless link between home and school. Learners know what their next steps are and parents feel informed about their child's successes and next steps. Parents know exactly what their child is learning and when, meaning they can effectively support their children in their learning."

Hope, Yr ⅞ Teacher and WSC lead